Seven Quick Takes (Vol. 25)

Linking up with Jen for some quick takes this Friday!

1.  The two older kids are going on their first overnight cub scout tent camp with dad this weekend.  It is so cute how excited they are.  They got little $3 lanterns from Target to prep and they get to actually make use of their sleeping bags and dad’s tent.  It is so sweet.

How I imagine camping looks like. I wouldn’t actually know.

2. What is my husband thinking?  I have never actually camped, but he is volunteering to sleep outdoors with two small children in a tent (where they will be gripping him in fear and cold most of the night) on the hard, cold ground.  I would not do that in a million years.  Call me high maintenance, but I like having a bathroom available and a warm bed.  I know Jen understands.

Sure, there aren’t actually grizzlies in this part of the country, but who wants to take the chance?

3. I told the kids I would meet them for the activities that day and due to scheduling issues I actually needed to drive out the night before – but unfortunately (ha!) I hadn’t registered to be part of the group in time so I’ll be staying with my infant at the hotel.  HAHAHAHAHA.  Yup, now I seem super high maintenance.  I get that.  Don’t care.  I also helped my dad snake our pipe out to the sewer last weekend so I’ll sleep peacefully knowing that I am not actually a primadonna – I just don’t want to camp.

I’m pretty sure this is what I look like when I sleep.

4. However, considering I will be hanging out with an infant who routinely goes to sleep at 7pm or earlier, I will have a long night to myself at the hotel.  Insert happy dance.  If I wasn’t typing, I might be doing something between the Carlton and the running man right now.  Mmmmhmmm.  (I also just realized that only to a parent of many kids does a night with an infant sound like a restful vacation!)

5.  Some people would catch up with a movie, others might go to sleep early.  Moi?  I’ll be hunkered down with my stack o’ books and my fancy rosary (you know, the good one that gets put to use only when small people aren’t around to ask, “Can we trade rosaries?” because the grass is always greener when praying with mom’s rosary?).  I am pretty psyched about it.

Looks kinda like this.

6.  Would anyone like to place odds on how long my children will last in a cold, dark tent with camping sounds happening all around their tent while they know that mom is very close by in a warm, cozy hotel room?  I’m going with 50/50 myself.

This could very well be the situation by morning.

7. And in my last and only non-camping related take, when my kids return it will be the day of my son’s First Holy Communion.  I am so excited for him – he is a bit nervous because he does not like it when lots of people are looking at him, but I’m sure he’ll do fine.  If anyone else is in a similar boat (though it may be a bit late to order, but you can prep for next year!) I cannot recommend a book from Neumann Press more highly.  A friend of mine had found one of their books at a used book sale and it was so beautiful!  The pictures and the binding were truly lovely, so it really combined not only truth and goodness, but beauty too.   I chose a couple of titles for him, since I know that he will treasure them personally and he will also use them in our homeschooling pursuits.

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