Seven Quick Takes (Vol. 14)

Joining up with Jen again today because it is Friday and I am hoping I can think of seven relatively quick and moderately interesting takes.

1. I am attempting a workbox system around here. I am hoping very much that the kids will be able to be a bit more self-reliant in some of their schoolwork which means that I can nurse the baby or do house stuff a bit more easily. I have been perusing blogs about this all week and learned that many have adopted the original system to work for them and I am hoping that we’ll be able to do the same.


2. I read that this past monday was actually Blue Monday. I know it isn’t “real science” but holy cow do I think they might be on to something. The lack of light, the failed resolutions, the cold, the general blah. I think it was put best by Mary is my Homegirl:

It’s Mid-winter and the Only Thing to Look Forward to is Lent


3. Even with the freezing temps, I wish I were marching at the March for Life in DC today. It isn’t the best place for a two month old (they seem to like it at better than say, 20 degrees. High maintenance kids…) but I can’t help but think that seeing babies marching through DC might remind people that he was still a baby two months ago before he came out and for months before that while he was growing in utero. My prayers are with all of the marchers today – especially those from our Church youth group. Stay warm Fr. Rock, Bro. David, and Bro. Raymond!

4. Want an e-book? This is the one. Edie at Life{in}Grace is awesome. I read all her blog posts on hospitality, and bought the book that the posts were based on and now I think she added a little extra stuff into the e-book and I think it is worth the five bucks. If you haven’t read any of it, then I think putting it all in one neat and tidy package makes the five dollars worth it. Sooooo good.

5. Need some cute? Here you go.


6. Garden planning is starting around this neck of the woods. Broccoli and cauliflower – out (too much space, not enough product) but definitely adding a few more rows of carrots. Three kinds of tomatoes – in. Better cucumber trellis – needed. Green beans – not near the cucumbers! Big mess of vines y’all. Sorry, my southern came out there and I’m from western NY. 5 years in GA and TN will do that to you. Where is my big sun hat? I am ready for spring just by writing all this!


7. Chickens, chickens, how can I convince my hubs that we can handle and definitely need some chickens? This coop is calling to be built and filled with eggs and chickens. Chickens and eggs? Not sure which came first…

Pinned Image

3 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes (Vol. 14)

  1. I don’t know why I can’t ever remember to offer up my January blahs for anything. I’d rather just grump around here and eagerly anticipate Lent.
    And a chicken coop with a spice garden on top? Would that actually work? My chickens would tear into that in no time.

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